AL-30 (URAL-43206)

Main concept of the model:

Turntable ladder fire truck AL-30 (URAL-43206)

Is designed for rescue works and people evacuation from height up to 30 m. May be used as weight carrying crane.

Recent scientific achievements are used in USPTK turntable ladder fire trucks manufacturing:

  • 9-meters knees are made of high-strength steel.
  • Powerful hydraulic pump provides the high speed of ladder extension.
  • Upper knee is protected by special sensors from impact with building wall.

All the models are provided with an electronic safety device that corresponds to aal the requirements to modern electronic equipment and indicates on display device:

  • The lifting angle of knees set.
  • Current ladder height.
  • Ladder outreach.
  • Load weight when working as a hoisting crane.
  • Bearing spread position (working or transport).
  • Engine cooling agent temperature.
  • Oil pressure.

This apparatus excludes the overload of knee set, all maneuvers of knee set (lift, movement and turn) without support contour conditioning, excludes work out of «safety area». Manipulation makes out from the operator’s working place on the platform.

The ladder trucks are equipped with an automatic mechanism for ladder steps leveling up to 2 degree range.
All our ladders are easy to control due to the direct hydraulic control valve operating.
Overall ladder weight is considerably less comparing with the similar products.

Base chassis type URAL-43206
Wheel formula 4х4
Diesel engine YAMZ-53622-10
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 176,5 (240)
Maximum speed, km/h 85
Fire brigade, persons 3
The height of fully pulled out ladder with the angle of ascent 75 degree, m, not less than 30