APS 1,0-40/2 (ISUZU NPR75L)

Main concept of the model:

Fire-fighting rescue truck APS 1,0-40/2 (ISUZU NPR75L)

The vehicle is designed to deliver fire brigades, rescuers, fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment to the sites of fires and emergencies, as well as for carrying out rescue and emergency repair works at their disposal.
The vehicle combines 2 trucks – a fire-fighting truck and an emergency recovery vehicle

Compact, dynamic fire vehicle for modern megalopolis with a unique automatic NCPK-40/100-4/400 two-stage pump control system. ISUZU cabin is an ideal combination of comfort and functionality. It means easy mount and dismount, excellent view, effective ventilation, informative gauge panel and comfortable seats.

  • Cab of the fire brigade is equipped with comfortable seats, auxiliary heater, mounts under fire-fighting equipment.
  • The model can boast of plenty of compartments for fire-fighting and emergency rescue equipment.
  • Combined fire pump is a great supplement to the machine, which allows to use finely dispersed water jet under high pressure in firefighting.
Base chassis type ISUZU NPR75L-K
Wheel formula 4х2
Diesel engine ISUZU 4HK1 (4HK1E4NC)
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 114 (155)
Maximum speed, km/h 110
Fire brigade, persons 6
Water tank capacity, l 1000
Foam tank capacity, l 100
Type of fire pump
Pump location rear
Pump supply in a nominal regime, l/sec 40/4
Pump head, m 100/400