AG 30 (MAN TGM 15.340)

Main concept of the model:

Gas and smoke-proof truck AG 30 (MAN TGM 15.340)

Gas and smoke-proof truck is designed for transportation of gas and smoke protection service crew, personal protection equipment for respiratory system and eyes, fire-fighting equipment to place of fire (emergency). The onboard equipment provides reconnaissance of chemical or raditation contamination zones.

  • The truck’s chasis is equipped with driver’s cabin of enhanced comfort.
  • Fire-fighting crew compartment is equipped with personal confortable seats, integrated mounts for compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA), three-point seatbelts, back side rests, folding headrest, folding backrest for the breathing apparatus mounting.
  • The fire-fighting compartment is eqipped with an independent heater.
  • The truck’s body is divided into 5 compartments for easy access to onboard equipment.
  • Middle part of the body has a 30kW elelctric generator, which provides electricity supply for important facilities during an emergency, in case of power cutoff, supplying power at the fire (emergency) site for onboard equipment, such as: electric tools, smoke extractors, spot lights, etc.
  • Unified button panel for controlling generator and chassis’s engine performance.
  • Roof of the body has a telescopic pole mount with remote controlled set of powerful spotlights for lighting the fire (emergency) site.
  • The truck’s body doors of curtain type are made of light alloys.
  • High corrosion resistance thanks to aluminum sheathing used.
Base chassis type MAN TGM 15.340
Wheel formula 4х2
Diesel engine MAN D0836LFL EURO-5
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 250 (340)
Maximum speed, km/h 110
Fire brigade, persons 9 (3+6)
Telescopic lighting mount LMS-49 7.7m 4X1000W
Electric generator BG-30M2