ABG (MAN TGM 15.340)

Main concept of the model:


Designed for transporting the truck crew to the fire (incident) area, as well as the equipment required for charging, checking, repair and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with compressed air and compressed oxygen, both at the scene and at the site of deployment units; to power critical facilities in emergencies and lighting the scene.

Compressor unit capacity of 500 l /min at a pressure of 45 MPa, the receiver volume of 400 liters. It designed for filling with compressed air breathing apparatus cylinders to a pressure of 30 MPa. The ramp of compressor station allows to charge 8 SCBA air cylinders with compressed air simultaneously.

A comfortable driver’s cab and heat-insulated body are mounted on the chassis. The truck body consists of Gas Rescue Service member’s compartment and equipment compartment. The engine powered generator (60 kW) allows to provide critical facilities with power supply in case of emergency. The telescopic leg is fitted with the light tower, power 2kW and remote control.

Onboard ready-to-install accessories:

  • extra SCBA air cylinders in size 7 (9) liters – 24 units,
  • air cylinders and regenerating cartridge for Draeger PSSBG4 – 6 units,
  • SCBA filled with compressed air – 2 units,
  • SCBA filled with compressed oxygen – 1 unit
Base chassis type MAN TGM 15.340
Wheel formula 4х2
Diesel engine MAN D0836LFL EURO-5
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 250 (340)
Maximum speed, km/h 110
Fire brigade, persons 3
Telescopic lighting mount 2000W