NCPN-40/100-V1T (-V2T)

Main concept of the model:

Pump NCPN-40/100-V1T (-V2T) is designed for any fire-fighting trucks (FFTs) (light, medium and heavy class) used for fire-fighting applications.

Key peculiar design features:

  • easy-to-operate discharge valves with all handles directed to ward operator;
  • improved design of discharge valves.
Rated pump head, m (down to) 100
Maximum capacity
under standard suction conditions (hsc=3.5 m), l/s (down to) 50
Maximum capacity
at the speed of 2,800 rpm and head of 100 m, l/s (down to) 60
Rated power consumption, kW (up to) 60
Vacuum water filling system AVS-01E (-02E)
Maximum vacuum provided by vacuum system, kgs/cm 0,85 – 0,9
Fire pump water filling time at a suction head of:
3.5 m (two suction hoses, L=4m), s 10 – 15
7.5 m (three suction hoses, L=4m), s 10 – 35
Electricity consumption of self-contained vacuum system per one operating period, Ampere-hour 0,2 – 1,2
Type of foaming agent (FA) dispensing system ejector type
Maximum pump capacity for 6% FA solution, l/s (down to) 50
Pump overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm (up to) 650 х 940 х 680
Pump assembly weight (dry), kg (up to) 80