Main concept of the model:

Pumps NCPN-100/100M are designed for medium and heavy fire fighting trucks, fire pumping stations (FPS), fire fighting boats, fire fighting foam lifters and other fire fighting vehicles used for large-scale fire-fighting applications.

Drive shaft rated speed, rpm 2000
Nominal capacity at the suction head of 3.5 m, l/s 100
Rated pump head, m (down to) 100
Power consumption at rated capacity and head, hp (up to) 190
Maximum capacity at the pump head of 100 m, l/s (down to) 150
Power consumption at the capacity of 150 l/s and head of 100 m, hp (up to) 270
Suction pipe diameter D 200 mm
Number and nominal inside diameter of outlets 3xD 100 mm
Pump overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm (up to) 950x840x1110
Pump assembly weight (dry), kg (up to) 380