Main concept of the model:

Motor pumps MNPV-90/300 are designed for first aid fire fighting trucks, light fire fighting tank trucks, fire fighting and rescue vehicles and other mobile and fixed units used for fire fighting applications.

Nominal capacity, l/min 90
Motor pump head at rated capacity, m (down to) 300
Maximum outlet pressure, kgs/cm 45
Drive motor capacity, hp 24
Fuel consumption (AI-92 gasoline) under nominal rating, l/h (up to) 8,0
Foaming agent dosage, % 3 / 6 / 12
Suction pipe diameter Dу 80 мм
Number and nominal inside diameter of outlets 1 х Dу 20 мм
Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm (up to) 600 х 800 х 550
Pump assembly weight (dry), kg (up to) 130