High Pressure Diffuser Branch with Hose Reel

Main concept of the model:

Diffuser branch SRVDK-2/400-60 is designed for fire fighting trucks equipped with high pressurepump with the head of З00…500 m.
The product forms and feeds solid or fine spray water jet and low expansion air foam.

Rated pressure at reel inlet, w.c.m. 400
Rated pressure at branch inlet, w.c.m. 300
Branch nominal capacity, 1/s 2
Maximum reach: solid jet/ spray jet/ foam jet, m (down to) 25 / 16 / 18
Spray-cone angle, degrees (down to) 30
Air foam output, m /min (down to) 1,2
Rated supply voltage of electric drive (direct current), V 12
Average power consumption of electric drive, W 120
Branch length: without/ with foam diffuser, mm (up to) 360 / 800
Reel overall dimensions: length/ drum outer diameter, mm (up to) 800 /500 / 990/500
Branch weight: without/ with foam diffuser, kg (up to) 2,2 / 2,8
Hose reel weight (dry), kg (up to) 70/95