Normal Pressure Hose Reel

Main concept of the model:

KRND Reels used in combination with normal pressure diffuser branches are designed for fire fighting trucks as a first aid fire-fighting equipment.

The product transfers extinguishants from the pump unit of the fire fighting truck to normal pressure hand branch via a non-deforming discharge hose coiled on the reel by layer winding method.

Discharge hose internal cross section (DN), mm 32
Main discharge hose length, m 30
Operating pressure range at reel inlet, kgs/cm to 16,0
Limit (test) pressure at reel inlet, kgs/cm 20,0
Maximum reel flow at the outlet pressure (upstream of the branch) of at least 4 kgs/cm , l/s (down to) 7.0
Reel hydraulic losses, kgs/cm (up to):
– at the flow of 1.8 l/s 1.0
– at the flow of 2.7 l/s 2.0
Electric drive supply voltage, V 12 (24)
Electric drive rated power consumption, kW (up to) 120
Average speed of hose winding by electric drive, m/min (down to) 30
Drum drive handle force for manual winding, kgs (up to) 20
Reel overall dimensions, mm (up to):
– length (with removable handle) 990
– drum diameter (width) 490
– height 500
Reel weight (dry), kg (up to) 65