AC 9,0-40, AC 9,0-50 (URAL-4320)

Main concept of the model:

Fire-fighting tanker AC 9,0-40 (Ural-4320) AC 9,0-50 (Ural-4320)
It is equipped with powerful off-highway chassis. The large capacity water tank is suitable for the vehicle to be used in the regions with difficult water supply. The tank can also be produced of stainless steel.

  • A modern, ergonomic vehicle with a powerful, highly passable chassis of URAL-4320.
  • The appliance crew cab is equipped with individual comfortable crew seats with integrated fastenings of compressed air breathing apparatus (DASV).
  • Unique automatic pump control.
Base chassis type URAL-4320
Wheel formula 6х6
Diesel engine YAMZ-53642-10
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 210 (285)
Maximum speed, km/h 80
Fire brigade, persons 6
Water tank capacity, l 9000
Foam tank capacity, l 540
Type of fire pump
Pump location middle
Pump supply in a nominal regime, l/sec 40 / 50
Pump head, m 100 / 100