AC 6,0-40, AC 6,0-50 (URAL-5557)

Main concept of the model:

Fire-fighting tanker AC 6,0-40, AC 6,0-50 (URAL-5557)
This is a fire tanker with a powerful high cross-country ability chassis, comfortable fire team cab, and spacious cabinets for fire equipment.
Rear pump location contributes to better maneuverability of the vehicle during water intake.

  • A modern, ergonomic vehicle with a powerful, highly passable chassis of URAL-5557.
  • The appliance crew cab is equipped with individual comfortable crew seats with integrated fastenings of compressed air breathing apparatus (DASV).
  • Unique automatic pump control. (Improved pumps come with single control panel featuring both pump unit and Fire-fighting tanker controls)
Base chassis type URAL-5557
Wheel formula 6х6
Diesel engine YAMZ-53622-10
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 176,5 (240)
Maximum speed, km/h 80
Fire brigade, persons 7
Water tank capacity, l 6000
Foam tank capacity, l 360
Type of fire pump
Pump location rear
Pump supply in a nominal regime, l/sec 40 / 50 / 40/4
Pump head, m 100 / 100 / 100/400