AC 3,2-40/4 (URAL-43206)

Main concept of the model:

It is a modern fire truck with improved tactical and technical characteristics. The fire fighting tanker accomplished on highly passable chassis of URAL 43206, with 4х4 wheel formula.

The fire fighting tanker has a powerful lighting equipment, a modern remote-controled fire monitor, a convenient compartments for fire-technical equipment.

A modern, ergonomic vehicle, which have cab without car bonnet and two-stage pump NCPK 40/100-4/400. The chassis URAL-43206-4151-79 with emission class Euro 4 or Euro 5 engine on it, is highly passable with 4х4 wheel formula and has a possibility to installing a device for calling emergency services.

  • Pumping unit of combined action allows to make extinguish by use regular equipment, and with the help of high-pressure equipment which forming fine-sprayed water jets.To control the pumping unit, used a modern control and monitoring system, which made on touch-sensitive displays, with a large set of automatic functions, that make the operator’s work as easy as possible.
  • The chassis is equipped with a front electric winch with a pulling force of 6.8 tons.
  • The chassis is equipped with an electro-pneumatic clutch drive for switching on/off the power take-off device from the pump compartment and the driver’s cab.
  • There is a hose coil of high pressure 60 m, a light tower, a winch, an automatic systems of foam mixer and water filling.
  • High corrosion resistance of the truck body and the staff cab is achieved by making them of aluminum and plastic.
  • A superstructure of AC is an independent construction, which made of aluminum sheet and plastic, using glue technology. The roof of the superstructure is covered with a special anti-slip coating.
  • The appliance staff cab is equipped with integrated fastenings of compressed air breathing apparatus for firemans.
  • In the cab, on the front panel of the driver, there is an information device with display, which showing: an open doors indication of the cabin and compartments for fire-technical equipment, a level indication of water and foam agent, a duration of work indication of the pump and chassis. The device also allowing to control special sound and light signals, which installed on the cab of the truck, with duplication on the radiator grille.
  • The water and the foam tanks are made of polymer materials with an extended service life.
  • The remotely controlled fire monitor, both from the cab and from the pump compartment.
  • The AC is equipped by a light tower with a pneumatic drive for lifting projectors with a total power of 2 kW. The height of the light tower is 5 meters.
  • A parking system of the fire monitor and the light tower. A complete remote control of the pumping unit, including control from the driver’s cab.
  • The fire pump has an additional cooling circuit, to provide improved cooling of the engine of the base chassis during the summer period, and for additional heating of the extinguishing agents in the pump in the winter.
  • The fire pump has an automatic foam dispensing system, which provides the supply of 3% and 6% solutions of the foam agent in all ranges of consumptions and pressures of the fire pump.
Base chassis type URAL-43206-4151-79
Wheel formula 4х4
Diesel engine YAMZ-53642 Euro 4

YAMZ-53653 Euro 5

Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 210 (285)

175 (238)

Maximum speed, km/h 85
Fire brigade, persons 6
Water tank capacity, l 3200
Foam tank capacity, l 200
Type of fire pump
Pump location rear
Pump supply in a nominal regime, l/sec 40/4
Pump head, m 100/400