MAN chassis

AC 3,7-40
(MAN TGM 15.340)

AC on the MAN chassis are distinguished by many advantages. They feature high payload, high capacity and optimum dynamic qualities. Also worth mentioning is a new design, comfortable cabins and an ergonomic interior.

Due to its small mass, MAN TGM can transport more cargo. It also provides by easy-to-install additional equipment and retrofitting body frame structure and engines with the «Common Rail» battery system, featuring low flow rates and thus exceptional environmental friendliness (EURO-5 environmental safety class)

Advantages of the fire-fighting tanker AC on the MAN chassis:

  • Antilock braking system (ABS) with a regulator of brake forces and stabilizers of cross-section stability on both axes.
  • The engine with a deep oil pan for overcoming steep slopes of at least 30%.
  • Rear differential lock.
  • Driver’s seat with air suspension.
  • Air conditioning with automatic temperature control in the driver’s cab.