AC 7,5-40, AC 7,5-50 (KAMAZ-43118)

Основная концепция модели:

Fire-fighting tanker AC 7,5-40, AC 7,5-50 (KAMAZ-43118)
In that model many conceptually new developments are implemented for improvement of vehicle operational and physical characteristics, ergonomics and end-user performance.

  • Fire-fighting tanker is equipped with powerful off-highway chassis КАМАZ-43118.
  • The chassis is mounted with driver-friendly enhanced comfort cab.
  • The cabin for the fire brigade has individual comfortable seats for the crew and intergated mounts for compressed air breathing apparatus, three-point seatbelts, side back rests, backwards folding headrests, seat cushion folding system for convenient passage and folding backrest for mounting the breathing apparatus.
  • The large capacity water tank is suitable for the vehicle to be used in the regions with difficult water supply.
  • The water tank made of stainless steel is insulated.
  • The foam tank is made of fiberglass and “recessed” in a water tank.
  • Effective system for heating water and foaming agents.
  • High pump assembly output.
  • Рump control handles are conveniently turned to operator.
  • One-piece button remote control panel for pump set-up and chasis control.
  • The truck body doors of curtain type are made of light alloys.
  • High corrosion resistance of the body thanks to aluminum sheathing.
  • The aluminum ladder behind the tank is fixed on reliable fasteners.
  • It is possible to be used as foam fire fighting vehicle.
Base chassis type KAMAZ-43118
Wheel formula 6х6
Diesel engine KAMAZ-740.662-300
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 221 (300)
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Fire brigade, persons 7
Water tank capacity, l 7500
Foam tank capacity, l 500
Type of fire pump
Pump location rear
Pump supply in a nominal regime, l/sec 40 / 50
Pump head, m 100 / 100