AC 1,0-40 (ISUZU NPS75L)

Main concept of the model:


It is a compact, dynamic fire truck for modern megalopolis. An all-wheel drive chassis, with a 4×4 wheel arrangement, provides a high off-road performance. The Cab ISUZU is an optimal combination of convenience and safety.

The Staff cab has equipped places for fixing breathing apparatus with compressed air for firemen in quantity of 4 pcs., and spare cylinders for them in the amount of 4 pcs., as well as other fire-technical equipment (a medical kit for equipping vehicles, an emergency stop sign, an fire extinguisher OP-2 ).

The light class fire-fighting tanker has a tank volume of 1,0 m3. The all-wheel drive chassis AC 1,0-40 (NPS 75L) is equipped with a fire pump, storage tanks for liquid extinguishing agents and means of them supply.

  • The fire-fighting tanker is intended for delivery to the place of fire: a staff, a fire-technical equipment and an outfit. Also it carrying out actions to extinguish fire and make rescue operations.
  • The AC is made on the automobile chassis ISUZU NPS 75L-K (Russia), with wheel formula 4х4.
  • At the AC is installed a device (system) for calling emergency operational services.
  • The body of the AC and the staff cab are welded constructions made of aluminum profiles, lined with aluminum sheets.
  • An interior type additional heater is installed in the staff cabin.
  • Placement in the staff cabin of personal protective equipment of respiratory organs, fire-technical equipment, ensures the safety and efficiency of performing the functional tasks of the AC, as well as maintenance and repair.
Base chassis type ISUZU NPS75L
Wheel formula 4х4
Diesel engine ISUZU, 4НК1 (4НК1Е5NC)
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 114(155)
Maximum speed, km/h 110
Fire brigade, persons 6
Water tank capacity, l 1000
Foam tank capacity, l 60
Type of fire pump
Pump location rear
Pump supply in a nominal regime, l/sec 40
Pump head, m 100