GAZ chassis

AC 2,3-4 (GAZ-33086)

Ural-Siberian Fire-Fighting and Technological Company has launched a series of lightweight fire fighting tanker designed for operation in small settlements. Due to its design, this low-cost solution perfectly suits for small fire stations with limited staffing.

In the tanker there is only the most necessary fire and technical equipment. At the request of the customer, its composition can be supplemented.

At the same time, the vehicles on the chassi GAZ have all the necessary characteristics that allow you to get vehicle loans that are attractive for a wide range of customers with a simple and low price.

  • Based on GAZ-33086 4×4 all-wheel drive off-road chassis.
  • The fire fighting tanker is fitted with 2.3 cubic meter water tank and 180 liter foam tank. The crew consists of 2 firefighters.
  • The fire fighting tanker comes with a compact-sized high-pressure pump with the rated capacity of 4 liters per second and head of 400 meters.
  • This compartment accommodates a pump control panel installed above the pump and a heater.
  • Side compartments contain most essential fire fighting equipment only. However, additional shelves offer the opportunity for customization.
  • The fire fighting tanker is fitted with a unique high-pressure hose
    consisting of separate 20-meter long sections and quick-release couplings
    instead of a reel with one long discharge hose.
  • Water-efficient high-pressure nozzles operate both in jet and spray modes.
  • Due to its cutting-edge features, simple design and low cost, this fire fighting tanker meets the needs of broad range of consumers.

Ural-Siberian Fire-Fighting and Technological Company always offers state-of-the-art and reliable fire fighting solutions.