Автоцистерны пожарные

Fire-fighting tankers

ISUZU chassis

GAZ chassis

URAL chassis

KAMAZ chassis

MAN chassis

IVECO chassis

Fire-fighting tankers are produced in factories of the Ural-Siberian Fire-Fighting and Technological Company in almost three dozen modifications, with a water tank capacity – from 1 to 9 thousand liters.

“USPTK” produces the following fire-fighting tankers:

  • Light – with a tank capacity up to 2000 liters (2m3)
  • Medium – with a tank capacity of 2000-4000 liters (2-4m3)
  • Heavy – with a tank capacity of over 4000 liters (4m3)

Each fire-fighting tanker USPTK is equipped with a powerful Euro-4 engine and a modern pump. Fire trucks are equipped with self-contained cabin and pump heaters, a set of fire and technical equipment and emergency rescue equipment.

Fire-fighting tankers designed for:

  • Fast and safe reach for the emergency spot of the fire brigade, the stock of fire –fighting substances, fire- fighting equipment and rescue equipment.
  • Fire fighting operations both in living and non-living areas, forests and industrial objects; Supplying water from a tank , a water body or a hydrant to the fire center through a hand fire nozzles and a stationary carriage nozzle.
  • Supplying generated mechanical foam to the fire center with intake of foamer from a standard foam tank or an outside reservoir.
  • Performing salvage and rescue operations with the help of rescue equipment.

The water tank can be manufactured either in longitudinal or transversal arrangement. It is manufactured of carbon or stainless steel. The construction of the tank guarantees its strength and protection against roll-over.

A new design of the foam generator storage tank is used. The foam tank is cylindrical and is recessed in the water tank using the rolling shutters. A fiber-glass foam tank can be installed.