Main concept of the model:

Fire Telescopic Skylift USPTK-BRONTO F32 RPX (KAMAZ-65111)
The skylift is based on the powerful, highly passable chassis of KAMAZ-65111 with the wheel arrangement 6×6, power 300 hp

  • A stream nozzle and a connector for a foam making unit Purga-60 producing solid foam, are mounted on the basket that is equipped with the emergency escape ladder.
  • Four outriggers of the leveling system allow (one-key function) to sustain the horizontal position of the skylift at the supporting surface tilt.
  • The skylift is equipped with the remote computer monitoring of performance, scanning and troubleshooting.
Base chassis type KAMAZ- 65111
Wheel formula 6х6
Diesel engine KAMAZ-740.662
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 221(300)
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Max. basket capacity (without water supply), kg 500
Max. operation height, m 32
Max. lateral boom reach, m 24
Max. downward boom reach, m 4,0
Discharge capacity of water suplly, l/min 3800