Fire Fighting Hydraulic Platform (Foam elevator) PPP-35 (6317Х9)

It is a modern fire truck with a powerful, highly passable chassis MAZ-6317X9, it designed to fight large fires in oil facilities, at altitude up to 35 meters. Fire Fighting Hydraulic Platform (foam elevator) PPP-35 – is jointly produced by USPTK and BRONTO SKYLIFT (Finland), the world’s leader company in the sphere of manufacturing skylifts.

The design of the Fire Fighting Hydraulic Platform (foam elevator), which includes a powerful pumping unit – production of the world famous company Darley (USA), and carried reserve of foam agent 5 t., is possible to be used as foam fire fighting vehicle.

  • High pump capacity – up to 120 l / s.
  • Modern automatic dosing unit for foaming agent (AUDP).
  • A simple and convenient control system with duplicating functions.
  • All that, and much more, puts this vehicle in a row of the most effective and advanced models in its class.
Base chassis type MAZ 6317Х9
Wheel formula 6х6
Diesel engine YAMZ-6585
Nominal power, kW (h.p.) 307 (417)
Maximum speed, km/h 85
Maximum lifting height of devices for filing , m, no less than 32
Maximum reach of the boom, m, no less than 24
Angle of rotation of boom in a circular rotation, deg, no less than 360
Nominal capacity of tank, m3, no less than 5,0
Fire pump supply in a nominal regime, l/sec 100
Working range of efficiency of device AUDP by solution of foam agent , l/s from 3 to 120
Max working outreach within the working field, m 22
Angle of rotation of basket, deg. 50
Minimum height at maximal working outreach, m 1