Fire-fighting lifts Bronto

RLX / RPX Range

HDT Range


HLA Range

We present to your attention Fire-fighting lifts Bronto.
«Ural-Siberian Fire-Fighting and Technological Company» is the official distributor of the Finnish company «Bronto Skylift» in Russia.
This gives the company the right for sale and servicing fire applications on the territory of the Russian Federation

Bronto Skylift is one of the leading suppliers of aerial appliances to fire brigades worldwide.The company’s expertise is in truck mounted aerial applications: aerial platforms with or without ladders, with or without a rescue cage, with water or foam extinguishing capability.
We can also supply all the fire fighting and rescue equipment along with the vehicles.

Range RLX
The letters RLX stand for Rescue Ladder eXtra versatile which symbolizes the qualities of the range.
Model RLX represent the most modern combined lifts with a ladder.
As conventional aerial ladder platforms RLX units are equipped with a rescue platform and a ladder, but additional features like a telescopic cage boom and a bigger rescue platform increase their rescue capability. At the moment the range covers the working heights from 32 to 55 meters

Range RPX
The RPX range is the sibling of the RLX range – it has all the same features but no ladder. Telescopic cage boom and a huge rescue platform facilitates firemen’s work. At the moment the range covers the working heights from 32 to 70 meters.

HLA range
Bronto Skylift’s High Level Articulated Range represents the ultimate in high rise rescue and fire fighting capability. It’s a perfect choice for fire brigades in metropolitan cities. Superior vertical and horizontal outreach at all heights, fast and safe operations and integrated corrosion-resistant waterway are the main advantages of the HLA range.

The lifts HDT incorporate functions autoloaders and hydraulic lifts. Narrow path outriggers allows the execution of rescue operations in confined to other equipment. Automatic leveling system serves for fast leveling lift. Equipment convenient and reliable rescue cradle. Operating temperature range lift in North version is -40 С to +40 С

The Allrounder® range has been designed for the needs of rural fire brigades and city sub-stations. The Allrounder® concept allows for adding all conventional aerial capabilities to those of a conventional fire truck thus creating a significantly more versatile vehicle. The Allrounder® vehicle can be customized as per customer requirements to be used as a water tender, a high rise rescuer, an extinguishing/light/ventilation tower etc.