Каталог пожарной техники УСПТК

USPTK Product Catalog

Fire-fighting tankers

Special fire-fighting vehicles

Turntable ladder fire trucks

Fire-fighting lifts

Fire-fighting lifts Bronto

Fire pumps


We present to your attention the USPTK Product Catalog. All these years one of the main principles of the company’s activity was the quality of the products. Almost every year, new ideas, new models of technology, aimed at improving the working conditions of firefighters.

List of Products and Services of USPTK:

  • Fire-fighting tankers
  • Special fire-fighting vehicles
  • Turntable ladder fire trucks
  • Fire-fighting lifts
  • Fire pumps, motor pumps, vacuum systems
  • Warranty and maintenance services

The chassis of Ural, Kamaz, Maz, MAN, Isuzu, GAZ ,Iveco and Gaz vehicles with 6х6, 4х4 and 4х2 wheel arrangement are used for manufacture of USPTK vehicles.

Advantages of USPTK fire-fighting vehicles:

  • The fire-fighting vehicles produced by USPTK are based on the proprietary exclusive solutions unparalleled in Russia – fire water pumps of the new generation with a vacuum water filling system and a kit of the instrumentation.
  • The use of the new generation monitors enables a more efficient fire extinguishing.
  • The use of twisted cases for suction hoses enhances the corrosion resistance of their inner surface.
  • All fire-fighting vehicles are fully equipped with fire extinguishing appliances in accordance with the requirement specification of the customer and the standards approved by MES.

Some advanced metal processing technologies have been implemented at the plants of the holding:

  • A laser cutting machine with numerical control ensures the super precision cutting of sheet materials.
  • A sheet bending press allows to perform the high-quality processing of the metal sheet.
  • A unique high-tech welding machine with microprocessor control provides a solution for welding operations of any complexity.

Some special corrosion-resistance and gluing technologies are widely used in the production process. They have been taken from the defense industry.

  • The special design of the tank allows to perform the grit blasting of the inner tank before painting.
  • The metal structure grit blasting ensures the finishing treatment of the metal, the special roughness of the surfaces for strength of the lacquer and paint coating and enhances the corrosion resistance.
  • The up-to-date coating resistant to any temperature and mechanical damages protects the tank bottom against corrosion and mechanical impact of dirt and gravel.
  • The enclosed design of the body framework pipes eliminates any corrosion of their internal surfaces.
  • The fixation of the body cladding using the most advanced gluing technologies ensures the absence of any welds, eliminates any gap corrosion and improves the cladding quality.
  • Sealing of the welds and joints of the body parts using a silicon compound ensures the protection against the gap corrosion, dust, dirt and ensures the complete tightness of the body.

The advanced technologies of the vehicle painting:

the use of some special painting and drying chambers ensures a stable and good-looking paint of the exterior and interior surfaces due to the achievement of the required temperature regime and the necessary air cleanliness.

the use of the latest multi-layer lacquer and paint coatings guarantees their resistance to the atmospheric exposure for five years.

the surface of the foot board, body and tank is treated with a special coating preventing any sliding of firemen’s feet.

The tests of the vehicles at the obstacle zone allows to reveal any assembly and equipment defects and check the vehicles for the compliance with the fire extinguishing standards.

The holding USPTK exhibits its products at the biggest international and All-Russian exhibitions annually. The new developments of the holding have been nominated at the All-Russian contest “100 Best Products of Russia” many times. They have been awarded with diplomas for the best comprehensive solutions in the field of fire safety and they are the winners of the contest “National Safety”.