Bauer Natalia S.

«Ural-Siberian Fire-Fighting and Technological Company» (USPTK)

The company was organised in the year of 1996 along with the foundation of OAO UralAZ (URAL” Automobile Works” JSC) and got the name OOO UralAzSpecmash. It was aimed at producing special-purpose vehicles for the needs of oil and gas companies.

In 1999 the company was reorganised in an independent structure and on the employee initiative was named OOO Ural Siberian Fire Fighting and Technological Company Ltd. The main line of activity of USPTK is realization of output produced by the company substructures.

Address: Voroshilova str., bld.1, Chelyabinsk, 454014, Russia

(Phone/fax): (351) 793-57-01, 793-37-25


Territory of USPTK supply