Posevninskiy Engineering Works

Khizhnyakov A.A.

LLC “Posevninskiy Engineering Works” is a full-fledged member of Holding “Ural-Siberian Fire-Fighting and Technological Company” and represents a developed production complex, employing 250 people. Its capacities allow for monthly production of at least 20 fire-fighting vehicles at one-shift operation. The plant is still the most eastern Russian company, producing fire-fighting vehicles.
The last three years of plant’s work were devoted to development (production preparation and serial production) of seven new models of fire-fighting vehicles.

Until recently the plant was marketed as a producer of fire-fighting equipment for northern regions. At present, models for “southern” regions, i.e. with rear pump location, are being designed.

The plant actively introduces state-of-the-art technologies, significantly improving vehicles’ quality and reducing prime cost: new painting technologies using Befrag painting cabinet (Germany), adhesive technologies and CNC plasma cutting. The plant also uses modern gun-type welders, allowing for high quality welding of ferrous and stainless metals. New Bistronic sheet bending machine (Germany) was purchased and commissioned.

And this is only beginning. Holding and plant administration are not fully satisfied with what has been already achieved. They are planning to continue technical upgrade in the future and develop annually at least 2 or 3 equipment models, including fire-fighting vehicles.

The plant has developed and is implementing long-term strategy, combining best plant traditions and advanced USPTK design and technological developments.

Address: 633511 Novosibirsk region, Cherepanovsky district, r.p. Posevnaya, st. Ostrovsky 59-A

Tel: +7(38345) 48-507 Reception