12 new, more powerful fire engines, manufactured at the plant in the Novosibirsk region on state procurement, went to work in Khabarovsk.

According to EMERCOM of Russia in the Novosibirsk region, Pozvninsky Special Equipment Plant Ltd., located in the Cherepanovsky district, produced the first 12 fire trucks for the state order for the supply of fire equipment to federal subjects of Russia. The employees of the Novosibirsk Ministry of Emergency Situations control the execution of state orders, and special commissions conduct diagnostics for the vehicles – from the quality of assembly and painting to the running gear.

“When assembling a fire truck in 12 days there are 12 complex technological stages. Along with a specilaized vehicle, there also come a scrap, a hook, hydraulic shears, a chainsaw, and communication equipment”, – the rescuers explain.

In addition, the plant produces carry-on radio stations “Lighthouse Rescuer” to protect the lives of firefighters working in buildings with complex arhitectural planning. The station can immediately notify the task force if they need to evacuate from the hazardous area and check the pressure in their breathing apparatus.

In total, the plant will produce more than 70 new tanker trucks on the Ural chassis, which will stand on alert for the divisions of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia from Stavropol to Kamchatka districts. Last week the first 12 cars were delivered by factory test drivers to Khabarovsk, meanwhile another batch of road tankers is being prepared for factory testing.