On October 17, in the territory of fire and rescue part No. 3 of the city of Kurgan, solemn presentation and consecration of 5 units of new equipment, allocated by the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia to the Zaural firefighters and rescuers for the fulfillment of tasks for the purpose was held. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, Lieutenant-General of Internal Service Leonid A. Belyaev. Addressing the participants of the event (the leadership of the Urals Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia for the Kurgan Region, the garrison personnel, veterans of the fire department, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church), he stressed that “… it is very pleasant to be today in the Kurgan land. I tried to bring good weather, it turned out and corresponds to the spirit of our working meeting. I am glad that on this earth there live real men who bravely stand guard over state property and protect people’s lives. We are doing only a small part of what is obligated to do, but nevertheless the Kurgan garrison is quite powerful. Today we have already got acquainted with the divisions of the Central Administration and with great trepidation I want to look at the fire-fighting units and the people who serve here. On the eve of the upcoming holidays in December, I wish you good health to your family and friends, and most importantly remember that you need to return home. The last cases that occurred in Moscow have already become a memorable date in the history of our service. Unfortunately, we lose our combat comrades, because our service is fraught with risk. I want to wish that in your life it was as little as possible, know and remember that you are always waiting for home by relatives and friends, children and friends. So thank you for what you do. I speak this on my own behalf and on behalf of the Minister. I do not at all want to come to your territory. Thank you for your work and selfless work. ”

In turn, the chairman of the council of veterans of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia for the Kurgan Region, Lieutenant-Colonel of Internal Service in Retirement Lyarya Starygina thanked “… the leadership of the native ministry for the fact that veterans still feel needed and in demand for the fact that the motto” Forgotten, nothing is forgotten “remains in action, thank you for your concern, attention, understanding.”

After Leonid Anatolyevich received the keys for rescue equipment both on water and on land, the Dean of the Central Church District of the Kurgan Diocese, Hieromonk Tikhon, performed the rite of consecrating new special equipment. Having sprinkled it with holy water, he wished everyone God’s help in a difficult and responsible service.

It should be noted that according to the equipment schedule and the recruitment plan for the units of the specialized fire and rescue unit, the seventh detachment of the federal fire service and the Center for Immigration of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia in the Kurgan region, one snowmobile incinerator RM 500-2, one fire-rescue vehicle APS- 1.0-40 / 2 (NPR-75L) and three snowmobiles “TAYGA PATRUL -551-SWT”).

Snowmobiles and snow aerobatics will be used by Ural rescuers and inspectors of GIMS to work in the inter-navigational period for the purpose of preventing accidents – for patrolling reservoirs with light ice, to identify places where fishermen gather during winter fishing, etc. Vehicles are also designed for the prompt delivery of rescuers and firefighters to the scene of an accident and any other emergency situation and to assist in its elimination, to search for and save people.